Nelli Kujansivu

Circus Artist


Nelli Kujansivu is a Stockholm based finnish circus artist specialized in foot juggling. Her unique approach to foot juggling takes the discipline out of the traditional ways. She uses the aesthetic movement of the feet as a way to express feelings and motions. She goes out of the traditional box of tricks by showing her high technical skills with a new kind of movement and repertoire of tricks she created during her studies at the University of Dance and Circus (DOCH) in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2016 she graduated from DOCH as a bachelor in fine arts in circus. One of her biggest principles is to be authentic and honest on and off stage.


Nelli started circus as a hobby when she was 4-years-old in a local youth circus Sorin Sirkus. She spent her whole childhood gathering lot of knowledge in different basic circus skills. Already at the age of six she knew that this would become her career one day. From that day on she made all her decisions to help her to fulfill that dream.


At the age of 11 she found foot juggling and immediately knew she had found the discipline for her. During her 15 years in Sorin Sirkus she worked determined towards her dream and finally after she graduated from high school it was time to start living the dream and move to Stockholm to start her education at DOCH.


In addition to performing she is also passionate to teach and inspire people to find the best career ever.



© 2016 Nelli Kujansivu - Pictures by Einar Kling-Odencrants