Nelli Kujansivu

Circus Artist


Nelli Kujansivu is a Stockholm based finnish circus artist specialized in foot juggling (antipodes). Nelli found her way to circus at the age of 4 in the local youth circus Sorin Sirkus in Tampere, Finland. There she gathered a lot of knowledge in different circus skills and found her passion towards foot juggling at the age of 11, which has remained as her main discipline since then. Starting performing at the age of 9, Nelli performed in Sorin Sirkus several years for annual christmass shows, multiple events and international circus festivals.


In 2013 she got accepted into the renowned University of Dance and Circus (DOCH) in Stockholm, which is world famous for its juggling teaching. Nelli graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Circus from DOCH in June 2016. During her time in the circus school Nelli created her unique approach to foot juggling that takes the discipline out of the traditional ways. She goes out of the traditional box of tricks by showing her high technical skills with a new kind of movement and repertoire of tricks she created during her studies in DOCH.


After her graduation she has been performing in multiple different events, galas, shows and varietés around the world such as Young Stage festival, Krystallpalast Variete, Calapiat Cirque and Cirkus Cirkör.

Nelli is also one of the founders of contemporary circus companies called Sirkum Polaris and Circ6.





© 2016 Nelli Kujansivu - Pictures by Einar Kling-Odencrants